Board Portal for Company Directors

Enabling Effective Board Members

Sure, there’s functionality that helps the team responsible for collating and producing final board packs, but ultimately it is board directors who have to digest and work with the final outcome of their labours.

Our board portal system provides board members with a secure communication channel between the business, themselves and their fellow directors. BoardCloud’s dedicated collaboration tools work to improve a director’s ability to understand and influence the direction of the business, by providing frictionless document sharing, board pack annotation and editing, voting, minute feedback and decision-making.

Board Member Responsibilities

Board members are expected to bring their expertise and experience to bear to help the organisation make:

  • reasoned, responsible decisions
  • the best use of available resources
  • legally sound decisions
  • socially responsible strategy
  • ensure operational needs don't exceed capacities

BoardCloud provides the tools that allow board members to exercise their duty of care by attending board meetings fully prepared to engage with the other members of the board.

Board Member's Using BoardCloud

We have been producing BoardCloud for more than seven years and in this time, I have never had any negative feedback from a board director user of our board portal software.

While I realise that there may be some bad experiences that have not made their way to my inbox, I remain confident that the functionality Syncrony delivers in BoardCloud platform is enough to keep the average board or committee member satisfied and empowered to keep making responsible decisions for the companies they represent.

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