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Our Board Meeting Management Platform

BoardCloud was first used in production in 2016. We built it for the Fidelity Security Group (as it was then called), under the watchful eye of their CFO and their Company Secretary.

Initially we had no intention of marketing the system but over the next few years the system sold itself to a small circle of companies. During Lockdown we embarked on a complete rewrite, which took two years. 

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BoardCloud Ver 2.0

We released BoardCloud as a complete rewrite in May 2021.

This first release built on feedback from our users and on the board meeting management experience we had developed. It was built on the latest .NET CORE Microsoft Framework. This framework is undoubtedly the richest and most agile software development system available. It is especially adept at security and has been built from inception to be used securely by a wide range of devices over the internet.

In this second phase of development BoardCloud offered a wider feature set as well as better in-meeting communications between attendees. Most importantly Version 2.0 introduced our new drag and drop agenda builder. It would prove to be a great foundation for more and more features, which would eventually lead to our latest release - BoardCloud 3.0.

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Syncrony Digital was established in 1999. It has been in the business of software development and web technology since then. 

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