Competitive Costs

Pricing Comparison - Board Portals

Board Portal Vendor Per User/Year
Diligent Boardbooks $975.00
BoardEffect $750.00
BoardPro $475.00i
Azeus Convene $375.00
Boardable $324.00
iBabs $152.00

Disclaimer: Prices above are based on pricing from actual invoices and information that is not always publicly available. If you are a vendor and wish your pricing to be corrected, please don't hesitate to contact our editor via


Prices quoted above are for a vendor's version that supports board pack annotations at a minimum. This is because a number of vendors offer 'crippled' lower priced versions of their software that do not support annotations, which we regard as a non-negotiable feature.

i) Approximated price. BoardPro prices per board per year - our calculation is for 15-users, a Premium board and 3 extra committees.

Board Portal Software Vendors Abound

There are many board portals for an organisation to choose from. All the above vendors offer cloud based systems that enable a board of directors to attend meetings and securely access board meeting documents. Many systems offer enhanced functionality and tools that are framed as value adds to justify higher prices. In general practice, the majority of users make use of the main core features and seldom use the fancy options that are touted as big selling points.

Among the most popular vendors are Diligent, Convene, BoardEffect, BoardPro and a few others. BoardCloud is an upcoming competitor for these vendors.

The Hidden Costs of Board Portal Implementation

Most of the prices above do not include setup costs in the pricing expressed above. This adds another layer of costs to your first year of use. iBabs, listed above has pricing that is relatively close to 

BoardCloud pricing includes:

  • importing of members and their committees
  • onboarding of members and administrators
  • training of company secretaries
  • training of board and committee and members

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