About Board Portals

Board Portal Technology

A board portal is a cloud based system that has collaboration tools that allow board of directors and other committees to work together in a meeting based environment, using materials and board packs containing a variety of documents assembled by company secretaries.

This collaborative platform is designed to provide consistent communication between board members throughout the yearly meeting cycle.

In addition, a board portal is designed to provide for:

  • building of board meeting agendas by one or more company secretaries
  • scheduling of board meetings, member invitations, RSVPs
  • attendance registers
  • distribution of board packs and meeting documents, when required
  • tabling of motions (votes) and their outcomes
  • a management system for committees, committee members and their associated access privileges
  • a system for committee members to review meeting agendas and prepare for meetings
  • meeting preparation statistics
  • collation and distribution of meeting minutes and tasks related to in-meeting decisions
  • a governance structure that helps to implement, control and report on compliance and access to board documents
  • a secure platform for sensitive board document storage and communications between board members

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