Create a New Document Inside a Meeting

Create a New Document On-The-Fly

When building an agenda, there is sometimes a requirement to create a new document from scratch.  

I can think of a few examples, where a quick ‘throwaway’ doc is needed, although there are probably more:

  • An agenda item that needs a quick introductory paragraph, using wording that’s been emailed to you
  • You need to create an agenda item from a link to a web page that has been Slacked or messaged to you

In both these cases, the outcome can be accomplished in two steps:

  • Open MS-Word, create a new document, paste the text contents in the new document and then save the file somewhere on your hard drive
  • Then open your board portal at the meeting and upload the document you have just created into the appropriate place in the agenda

The process above is unnecessarily  wasteful of time and resources. This is because once created the document will remain on your hard drive until the machine is scrapped, unless you spend more time locating and deleting it.

BoardCloud New Document Feature

A new document can be originated directly from the meeting agenda, the content can be pasted in and the file saved against the agenda. This accomplishes the process described above in a single step AND there are no extra documents to create to clog up your laptop.

 It is easy to do!

  • Select the New Document option from the agenda section menu.
  • A new empty document will open, looking similar to a new MS-Word document.
  • Open the place where the required text is
  • Select and copy the required text
  • Navigate back to the new document in BoardCloud
  • Past the text into the new document
  • Close the editor

That’s it.

Your new document will appear in the agenda where you wanted it.

You can then rename or title the document according to your requirements.