Paperless Board Meeting Software

Eliminating Paper

The rise of paperless meetings began long before the pandemic mandated an end to traditional board meetings. Systems designed to eliminate the paper board pack by converting them into PDFs have been in use a long time before the advent of virtual board meetings.

Initially paperless board packs were simple PDFs, which were produced by skillful company secretaries, who made them by hook or by crook. Scanning piles of documents, converting Word documents and cutting and pasting, were just some of the skills required to produce the final PDF that was mailed to company directors. (Read more about the process in Retiring the Board Pack)

More than just Eliminating the Paper Board Book

As many company secretaries soon found out, after the electronic board  pack was produced, many systems around distribution, scheduling and meeting governance were missing.

Over time, the development of board portal software began to deliver functions that addressed these issues. Areas that we addressed included:

Paperless Board Pack Benefits

Over and above the numerous process improvements listed above, which result the digitisation of the board meeting process, there are a number of practical use improvements relating to the board book itself. Which ease meeting reparation for board and committee members.

These include:

  • Hyperlinked board papers, allowing faster, deeper and more complete access to information for board members
  • In board-pack search functionality allows quick access to related information, instead of laborious and time-consuming rummaging through files and piles
  • Added value of links to audio and video resources that can be included during the agenda building process, providing content the meaningfully enhances the user experience for board members
  • Last Minute Changes
  • Anytime Access
  • Collaboration

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