A Call for Agile Board Meetings

Access - Virtual Board Meeting Governance in South Africa

Virtual Board Meetings on Steroids

Virtual board meetings are here to stay and will soon consign the in-person board gatherings to history’s dustbin.

Now is our opportunity to do away with monolithic agendas and marathon board meetings that go hand-in-hand with the old traditions of in-person board meetings. Board meetings have been around for so long they have become part of big company DNA. In fact, one of the earliest ‘modern’ board meetings held was at the Company of Merchant Adventurers in London in 1505!

Agile Board Meetings

Today, after over a half-century of these meetings, it is time to embrace a new kind of board meeting. The kind of meeting that leverages the technological advances of the past 20-years to allow directors to make faster, more informed decisions.

For instance, why can’t specific items on a multi-page board meeting agenda, be replaced with a specific meeting focussed on each item?

Why can’t agile meetings be called at short notice? Each agile meeting having its own micro-agenda and sub-committee. With each agile meeting peopled by virtual directors who are fresh and focused and ready to tackle the issues they care about, in minutes rather than hours.