New Form & Survey Maker (2024)

With the release of BoardCloud version 5.0, comes a new form maker that is directly integrated into BoardCloud to provide seamless form building and reporting.

Our new form maker is a breeze to use. It makes form building fun and intuitive.

In no time, you will be making and distributing forms like Declaration of Interests and Board Assessments. You will also be able to create jazzy looking surveys and pop-quizzes like the sample below:

Sample BoardCloud Survey form

Our form builder can:

  • create large, multipage forms
  • use standard and custom validations
  • be styled and themed
  • allow for file uploads

Form Distribution

Once developed, a form can be distributed:

  • By including it as part of a meeting agenda to be completed by selected attendees
  • Be distributed by email to selected members

Completed forms can be saved as PDFs when further dissemination of results are required (for example, when including form responses as part of an audit process.

Form Data

  • Completed forms are stored in forms database and will accumulate historical data over years.

Additional Form Designer Features

  • Repeating fields cater for form responses that can produce one-to-many responses (for example, directors’ interests that can have a varying number of responses for each director)
  • Tables (which can be combined with repeating fields)
  • Multi-page forms
  • Complex data entry validation
  • Branching logic based on user input
  • PDF templates can be used to populate forms

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