Publishing Board Packs

Publishing Meetings & Minutes

Meeting packs as well as meeting agenda items are invisible to members until they are published.

This allows editors and secretaries to start work on meeting contents weeks or months before the event. When a board meeting or minutes pack is created and viewed for the first time, BoardCloud treats that pack as being in the Draft state, meaning that the pack is still under construction and is not yet visible to meeting invitees.

This draft state applies to both meeting packs and minutes..

Once a draft pack has been reviewed and approved for distribution to members, the pack is ready to be published. The process of publishing a pack or minutes makes the newly published document visible to members who have logged in to the BoardCloud system.

Packet Publish Audit History

BoardCloud retains a comprehensive history of published packs and minutes. All pack or minute 'movements' are tracked and can be viewed in various states.

Publish States Tracked

  • Published meeting packets or minutes
  • Superseded packs that have been previously published
  • Unpublished packs
  • Draft packs

Below is a sample of the publish audit log window.

BoardCloud Publish History

More detail about the publishing process.

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