Powerful Board Packet Builder

The board pack maker (or agenda builder), is the beating heart of a good board portal. We believe that BoardCloud's agenda builder is the best in the business. In our informal tests over the past few years, our drag-and-drop builder reduces secretarial time by an average of 55%.

Below is a sample of an agenda being built in our agenda builder.

Meeting view in the Agenda Builder

Here are some of the common agenda building functions in our agenda builder:

  • Create, publish and upload agenda and meeting packs

  • Easy to use document management functions with visual drag and drop interface
  • Special tools that allow the company secretary secretarial or meeting convener to create and distribute board packets

  • Board packet can be sent for review before publishing
  • Individual cover pages per-committee or per-meeting

  • Built-in, automatic support for uploading Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents

  • Multiple board pack revisions with revision history

  • Change agenda items at any time , even in-meeting in case of emergencies

  • Support for custom user produced board meeting templates that can be assembled and managed locally as document trees on the company secretaries computer. These templates can then be imported and converted on-the-fly into a fully-fleshed out agenda with sections and supporting documents.

* ZIP compression is a native function built-in to the Windows Operating System

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