Meeting Minutes

Minutes of The Meeting

Recording of decisions, actions arising and discussions that take place during a meeting is an essential governance and management function. The production of representative and consistent minutes stems from clear guidelines and procedures that are enforced by well-designed minute taking software.

Better minutes Make Better Boards

Most boards have a designated minute taker, who has experience in producing a concise record of the meeting.

BoardCloud offers an integrated minute system that is part of every meeting agenda page.

Flexible Minute Builder

Below is an example of meeting minutes that are being prepared. The structure of the agenda has been automatically populated to the minutes section of the meeting. 

Note the area highlighted in yellow is a task, which has been assigned to a member. (See more info about tasks below)

Meeting minutes with task

The minute builder can instantly create an outline of the meeting agenda. This provides a framework for minutes to be taken as each agenda item is discussed.

Each minute item can have associated:

  • Notes
  • Tasks

Notes are designed to allow for free-text capturing of a record of discussions and decisions related to a specific agenda item.

Assigned Tasks

Tasks can be setup detailing actions required and members assigned to perform the task. Tasks can be assigned a due date, for delivery of the required actions by the assigned members.

Below is an image showing a task being setup:

BoardCloud Task Manager

Distribution of Minutes

Minutes are distributed via email to the committees and members who were part of the meeting.

Completed minutes can be dispatched to members as a separate minute document or attached as an addendum to the original board pack.

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