Committee Terms & Designations

Designations of Committee Members

Committees are composed of members, some of whom carry designations that apply only to a specific committee. 

BoardCloud supports the tagging of committee members with an unlimited variety of custom designations. In the image below there are three members, who have been assigned designations.

Terms Designations tab

Thus a member can be designated as a Chair in one committee and as a member in another.

Terms of Service

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) often have a clearly defined term of duty, with specified start and end dates. This adds to the continuous change associated with committees.

BoardCloud automatically keeps a record of any term recorded against each member. Successive terms for a specific committee are recorded by Term Number. This allows for a complete history of a member's terms per committee.

Below the view of a specific committee non-exec member:

Non-exec term dates and term number