Complete Committee Care

Upcoming meetings as well as a history of past meetings can be easily accessed from the committee page.

There is also a prominent link to the committee's next meeting, which allows quick access for committee members.

Unlimited Committees

BoardCloud allows you to have an unlimited number of committees.
Unlike many of our competitors, we go the extra mile to keep your costs and management overhead as low as possible.

Member Management

The committee member listing below shows a list of committee members, with the bio of one of the members opened. (By clicking on any members image or avatar)

Committee members list

Additional information relating to individual member's Includes:

  • Board designation (if this information has been entered)
  • Email address (and confirmation status)
  • Additional roles assigned to the member

When a member's email address has not yet been confirmed by a member, the member's name will be highlighted in red.

Committee Document & Video Library

Each committee has access to  'library' of resources which are directly related to the committee.  This resource library provides a central repository of committee resources for easy access by committee members.

Resources can be grouped in folders and can consist of any files or YouTube videos.


Committee Resources

Cover Page Features

Reusable cover page templates can be assigned per committee.

A cover page template consists of a one page design (any design), with an area for the text containing the meeting details. Each time a cover page is used, the relevant meeting information is automatically filled in. This produces consistent packet cover and saves secretarial time.

Cover Text Output Control

Fine grained control over the appearance of cover page text is available.

Text positioning, font sizes and colors can be customized to produce visually stunning board packet cover pages. Read more about our Cover Page Functionality.

Membership Register

Governance requirements often mandate the maintenance of membership register. This register dates and times when members were added or removed from the board or one of your committees.

To meet governance requirements, BoardCloud automatically maintains a running audit of your membership changes. 

For more info: Membership Register

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