BoardCloud Features Update September-October 2021

Below is a list of major features added to BoardCloud by our developers during the September/October 2021 timeframe. Many other small fixes were made that are not listed here.

Minute Builder

Dynamic minute builder

  • Import minutes outline from agenda (or craft you own minutes)
  • Tasks created in agenda added to minutes
    • Assigned to members
    • Due dates
  • Resolutions auto converted from carried motions (votes)
  • Published minutes alert email
  • Minutes can be published with meeting agenda or separately

Calendar Integration

Automatically send an invite to each board or committee member when publishing a meeting.

  • Invites show in most calendars or can be saved into calendars from the meeting email
  • Calendar events include:
    • Links to open meeting
    • Meeting details

Improved In-App Support

Improved access to support for users while working on BoardCloud.

Two additional support options added to:

  • Schedule in-person training from inside BoardCloud
    • Calendly integration to book training in your time-zone
  • Chat window to talk to support when available or else email support for quick answers

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