Board Secretarial Services

Meeting and Corporate Administration Services

Some organisations opt to outsource their company secretarial services. Many of these outsourced corporate administration tasks can be managed on a board portal like BoardCloud.

BoardCloud is an ideal solution for companies providing board secretarial services. Our Enterprise Edition can be white labelled and can host any number of corporate administration customers, each of which can be completely ring-fenced and branded.

Outsourced Meeting Administration

The outsourced company secretarial roles and tasks a corporate administration company can undertake on behalf of their clients includes:

  • Board calendars and scheduling of board meetings
  • Setting agendas for board and sub-committee meetings
  • Compiling of board packs
  • Distribution of board packs
  • Attendance at board meetings for minute taking
  • Corporate governance advice
  • Advice about problems that boards may commonly face
  • Onboarding of new committee and board members
  • Maintenance of the company committees and members
  • Managing director assessments

Where a secretary might have had to use various tools or skills for all of these features, BoardCloud streamlines them into one intuitive app. 

BoardCloud makes fulfilling secretarial duties an effortless process. BoardCloud allows many of these features to occur automatically, such as document compilation, minute taking, and vote recording. All the secretarial officer needs to do is drag and drop the relevant documents and begin the meeting. BoardCloud saves a board secretary time, so they can turn their focus to other matters and not just meeting preparation. 

BoardCloud is specifically beneficial to outsourced secretaries however because they only need to learn and apply one system. Instead of making use of a patchwork of applications, services, and custom made documents, BoardCloud provides all of this one in refined package which is constantly being updated.

BoardCloud is so flexible that it can fulfil the needs of any company, from small partnerships to large holding groups. Because of this, outsourced company secretaries can learn to use BoardCloud and apply it to any corporation that they are hired out to.