BoardCloud Ver 4 Released

Latest version packed with new features

BoardCloud Version Four

We are excited to announce that August 1st 2023 marked the release of version 4 of BoardCloud.

With this release comes a host of new features designed to make the lives of company secretaries and board members easier. 

Below are some of the new features:

Meeting interface changes:

We have improved and simplified the meeting dash (Details) pane.

  • Packs and minutes are now visually displayed as thumbnails
  • Packs are now automatically assembled and displayed when these images are clicked. The new pack thumbnails can be seen in the image below. Clicking on the meeting pack image below will generate a new version and open it for viewing.

Meeting Details Packs

Publishing Meetings:

Previously the publish action performed two tasks. First, the meeting was published, making it visible to members. Second, a notification email was sent to all meeting attendees. These tasks have now been split so that notifications can be sent separately and to selected members instead of the entire committee. 

There is now a separate Publish button to publish a meeting (or minutes). Publishing makes the meeting pack and agenda visible to members. (It does not notify)

When necessary, a meeting can be Unpublished, which instantly makes the agenda and pack invisible to members.

Notifying Members:

Notifications are now separated from publishing. A new dialog allows members to be selected for notification either individually or as a group. For example, a single notification email can be re-sent to a member who did not receive the initial notification email.

Voting System:

We have improved the look & feel and functionality of the voting system. Most notably the meeting admin can now record votes for members who are not in the meeting.

Pack Review Process:

Sending a pack for review has been simplified. Now any member(s) can be selected from the Notify dialog to receive a pack for review.  The review process itself has been streamlined to make it easier for reviewers.

Pack Permalinks

Links to packs and meetings are sent as part of the notification email. These links are crafted to always lead to the latest published pack, no matter how many versions have been published.

Revisions Removed:

There is no longer a revisions pane at the bottom of the meeting. Revisions are only displayed for published meetings and a history of revisions is available in the Cogs menu.


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